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listing of exams

Medical Physicals

6 Types of Medical Physical Exams performed by Dr. Keshwani.

You don’t have to look any further if you need a physical for work or school.

  1. Here at Elite Doc Family Medicine, Physicals are a performed every day. School physicals for sports or any other reason from 1st through 12th grades is only $25. During the physicals Dr. Keshwani and his staff are well equipped to provide the necessary checks and will fill out the paperwork you provide to forward to the school or location. A physical needed for college’s is not covered under the school physicals program and the price depends the type of physical needed.
  2. Contact the office for any college exams or information on prices or insurance coverage.
  3. Dr. Keshwani is a Certified Civil Surgeon approved by the Immigration Department to perform immigration physicals. The Exam does include the physical exam, TB testing and will include the Form I-693 filled out and sealed as required, when the person has passed. A Vaccine record must be provided to the office as it is required for the exam process. The charge of the exam is a $150. If vaccines are needed an extra charge will provided to the patient will be advised, depending on the vaccines required.
  4. In addition to the form I-693, Dr. Keshwani does perform an N-648, Exemption waiver for Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions Physical. This form can be completed and issued by Dr. Keshwani for a price of $180. This form also must be completed by a Certified Civil Surgeon and Dr. Keshwani is qualified to complete this form.
  5. DOT Physicals can be completed by Dr. Keshwani’s office and they are another medical physical performed for our patients. The appropriate paperwork will be filled out completely and thoroughly as required by DOT standards. Examinations and the appropriate process required to make sure each person is fully qualified to pass the DOT physical is not an action we take lightly. Each person is examined fully and when they pass the exam the paperwork will be completed and the cost is $130.
  6. Another type of exam performed is called an Executive Physical. Based on the requirements of the employer, this type of physical has a variety of requirements, which are completely designed by the specific of the employer. For an approximate cost of this type of physical please contact the office.

When you need a medical physical exam thoroughly performed, Elite Doc Family Medicine, is your Family Physician to make sure your exam is completed properly and the paperwork is filled out as required.

listing of exams

List of Physical Exams and Prices.

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