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Customer reviews are an integral way to ensure patient satisfaction.

Your reviews help us in assuring our quality of service is always of the highest standard. have always been an integral portion of our clinics and we strive to maintain a 5 on our review status.

Our clinics staff strive to maintain a 5 on every feedback we receive. The office staff, clinicians, nurses and doctors will always strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every contact you have with us. If you have questions or matters needing attention please contact our office at 832-446-3200. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction.

Feedback is important and we have two different processes you can let us know how you feel about your appointment.

You can click the Write a Review button below or by Text on your phone. (See Instructions Below.)


We appreciate our patients and encourage your feedback!

Text your opinion Instructions:

Text to phone Number 310-494-2829

In message area type Keshwani then send your message.

Message you receive will be:

How would you rate your recent visit? (1=worst; 5=best)

Enter a number from 1 to 5 (Our goal is to strive for 5's) send your message.

Message you receive is:

Please click http://drstars.com/keshwani?sc=1 to provide your online feedback. This will require you to go online and leave your information regarding your visit. (If you receive a message stating: following unknown links on your device, you may disregard because it is the correct location to provide your feedback.) Dr. Keshwani does use a third party company to process reviews as to assure that he has no control over the type of feedback you leave.

The link will route you to a website so you may leave your honest response of your visit. We welcome your feedback and in return you may receive a free gift. Please contact our office at 832-446-3206 for your redemption along with the date of your review. We appreciate all feedback regardless of the outcome as we intend to always ensure your complete satisfaction.

Should have any questions regarding the reviews please call our office at 832-446-3200.