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sunshine produces vitamin d

Vitamin D Benefits Your Body

Do you know the health benefits of sunshine to naturally produce vitamin D in your body?

Since Vitamin D is essential in your body, how do you know when you are getting enough to stay healthy?

Now that school is back in session and everyone gets out of their summer routine, you still need to have doses sunshine. Sometimes sunshine will not provide a sufficient amount of Vitamin D to keep you healthy. There are vitamin D benefits in some foods.  We do have a great amount of sunshine here in the Houston area but if you want to have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D you can also take supplements. The only way to know if your level is optimum, would be to have your Vitamin D levels tested.

sunshine produces vitamin d

Sunshine will help your body produce vitamin D to stay healthy

Today the most known reasons for maintaining the proper amount of Vitamin D in children is to prevent rickets and osteoporosis in older adults. These symptoms mainly affect the bones of children and older adults. Your body needs this essential nutrient to build and maintain strong bones, a healthy immune system and to help fight depression. However, having an insufficient amount of this vitamin has been scientifically known as a contributing factor to several other conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune effecting diseases. One must be aggressive in maintaining their appropriate level of Vitamin D to stay healthy. An enduring lack of the proper levels can have drastic complications to your health.

While many people do take multivitamins, most do not contain an adequate amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is the natural form of the vitamin and is known as a superior supplement in comparison to vitamin D2. If you are a vegan there is also a form of D3 available. Taking a consistent daily dose of vitamin D3 to maintain a level of 30 to 45ng/ml is an optimum balance.

While taking in the sunshine does help with vitamin D levels, if you don’t know what your levels are and want to make sure that you stay in optimum levels call and make your appointment with Dr. Keshwani. He will test your levels to help you stay in great health.

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