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Why do Preservatives Ruin Your Weight Loss Goals?

Have you ever wondered why preservatives are bad for you and how they ruin your weight loss goals?

Much is known about preservatives and how they affect your body. If you are wanting to lose fat it is best to avoid foods with preservatives, but if you can’t you should keep reading!

Do you know that when your body is introduced to items that are foreign it will most likely turn that item into FAT or it will just leave the body unaffected and not absorbed as nutrients?

With so many preservatives in our food today they can be responsible for frequent trips to the bathroom, body bloat, indigestion & heartburn along with frequent constipation. Even chewing your food for an extended period of time may help a little against the bad effects of preservatives in your body, but most of the time we don’t chew our food for at least 40 times. Also they make it hard for our bodies to retain the nutrients from our food to supply our bodies with fuel. Preservatives are in a wide range of foods from breads and spreads to can foods to help in the longevity of shelf life. Preservatives will usually end up as fat or just exiting our bodies with very little nutritional value. According to some studies, you can take Lipase, Amylase & Bromelain. These are known as digestive enzymes for preservatives and will help aid your body in digestion of foods. These nutrients will help in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats when they are combined properly.

  • Liapase
  • Amylase
  • Bromelain – is known to fight the inflammation in your body & helps in the support of digestion of grains in your body.

When you take these nutrients in the proper amount you can get the proper effect in your body to fight and process preservatives in your body. These digestive enzymes can help in fat loss for your body. With Dr. Keshwani’s Weight Loss Programs he does address preservatives ruining your weight loss goals and many more issues to help assist in your optimum goals and maintenance.

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Help battle fat with removing preservatives in your diet.


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